Budget Battle

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Illinois officials appear far from united over a new Illinois State budget with just a week left before the spring session is supposed to end.
Legislators are trying to finish their work by April 7th so they can get back to their districts and campaign. Instead, they've got a lot of work left to do and many figure it won't be done by that date. House Speaker Michael Madigan is talking about trimming the budget proposal by hundreds of millions of dollars. So far, Republican lawmakers are on the sidelines watching as the legislatures democratic majority discusses the budget. But if the Democratic differences harden into a deadlock, Republicans could find themselves with new leverage.

Illinois Senator Dave Syverson states, "There is a lot more spending going on than revenue. Speaker Madigan is talking about cutting back some spending and a lot of Human Service providers are already getting no increases yet they are starting new programs. We're saying let's not start nay new programs until we can fun existing ones so we have a ways to go."

Senator Syverson does not expect to end the session this week. Hispanic and black lawmakers want more money for Chicago schools and have other demands that could stall progress.