Rockton Wal-Mart

With a few shovels full of good old fashioned Illinois mud, ground has officially been broken in Rockton. Construction on a new Wal-Mart supper center is scheduled for completion by the end of November with the doors open by 2007. But it is the boom for Rockton’s financial future that most people are excited about.

The super center promises to create 350 to 400 jobs. Half a million dollars a year in tax revenue will go to Rockton with an addition $800,000 going to Winnebago County. But with Wal-Mart already having a strong presence in the Stateline, one question is being asked. Are we becoming over saturated with Wal-Mart’s? Wal-Mart reps say no. They say the current Wal-Mart’s are over shopped and cannot perform at their best without some relief.

Rockton-Roscoe is certainly a booming area that is neglected as far as major retailers. As northern Winnebago County continues to grow you can bet Wal-Mart will be more than willing to grow with it.