Murder Charges Filed in 2008 Death of Rockford Attorney

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Six years after a Rockford attorney is gunned down in front of his home, Richard Wanke is charged with first degree murder. He’s the man police say shot Rockford attorney Greg Clark in 2008.
A grand jury indicted 52-year-old Richard Wanke who police say was a longtime person of interest. Wanke is accused of shooting Clark while he was shoveling snow in front of his home in the 1700 block of Oak Forest Drive back in 2008. It’s not clear whether new evidence lead to this indictment.

At one point, Clark was Wanke’s attorney. Wanke has been in prison for six years already on a fourteen year sentence for stealing a laptop from a Rockford University Professor.

We spoke with one of Clark’s friends who says this case needed closure. We also spoke with neighbors who say this shooting rocked their community.

“It was devastating to the neighborhood. It was such a blow.”

Denise Giakas says she’ll never forget the day her neighbor Greg Clark was gunned down just feet away from her home.

“The kids were all playing outside, they heard it.”

She says she’s relieved 52-year-old Richard Wanke has been charged for Clark’s death.

“I was very happy to hear it, I’ve been wanting that to happen for a long time,” said Giakas. “Jus so happy that they finally go the charges filed.”

Deputy Chief Dave Hopkins says nothing has majorly changed during the investigation. We spoke with Clark’s son-in-law who says “the family appreciates the diligence of the Rockford Police Department and for the work they’ve done on this case. We’re very glad to hear of the indictment.”

The Clark family has since moved out of the area.

“I’m very happy for his wife Phyllis and his children and I just, I just hope this person will stay in jail forever.”

Wanke is expected in court next week. He’s facing at least 20 years in prison if convicted.

Rockford attorney Greg Clark was representing Richard Wanke back in 2008 for burglary charges. Wanke was convicted on those burglary charges and went to prison. He was supposed to get out on parole in a few weeks. This is the first time murder charges have been filed in the death of Clark.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Murder charges have been filed in the 2008 death of Rockford attorney Greg Clark.

Richard Wanke is charged with Clark's death. Wanke is the man police long thought gunned down Clark while he was shoveling snow over six years ago, but there wasn't enough evidence to get a murder charge.

Wanke was convicted of burglary and is currently serving time on that conviction.

Wanke is due in court next week.

We'll have more on what led to the murder charges being filed, tonight on 23 News.

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