Caledonia Crossings Decision Nears

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A proposed residential and commercial development is the talk of the town in the Village of Caledonia. It’s one of the largest developments to enter this small town. Caledonia Crossings would quadruple the village's population. A few weeks ago Caledonia's Planning Committee voted down the development now it's before the village board. Since there is nothing in writing that Bassett Development Group couldn’t talk to any other governing body developer Jim Bassett went to Boone County to see if the county could put some pressure on the village.

Tuesday night Boone County told the village board that they don't want to get in-between. Technically the land just off Caledonia Road belongs to Boone County. But the village board is debating on whether or not to annex in that land which would also mean 370 new homes would be moving in to Caledonia.

Ken Terrinoni is the Boone County Administrator and says, "To his credit he was following the comprehensive plan which does designate certain areas for urban growth in Caledonia.
But they are not done with negotiation process.

Jim Bassett with Bassett Development Group states, “It's been unfortunate the way things have occurred and since you always want to go where you are welcome we know we would be welcome in Boone County."

Bassett says he would go to Boone County next with his proposal. Boone County would not say if they would want to pursue the development. The village board has planned a workshop to talk about the proposal on April 6th. The hope is to come to a final decision by April 18th.