Beloit Homicide Investigation

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"She was a wonderful person--and anybody that knew here knew she had a smile and eyes that just were bright and positive and she was really incredible to anyone that knew Julienne well,” says Julienne Mcguires' friend, Jan Harris.

The family is struggling with devastating pain and agreed to talk with 23 News for one get the message out that they need the public's help.

"We are asking the public, if you were anywhere near 313 State Street on Monday morning, and you saw anything suspicious, please contact the police, because this is tearing the family, and all of us, apart," says Harris.

Beloit Police Deputy Chief Norm Jacobs says the police have been receiving great cooperation from the downtown business community.

"There was an e-mail sent out by downtown Beloit to the members and we received e-mails, telephone calls, it's given us some information about some suspicious activities on Monday morning," says Jacobs.

Jacobs says police have interviewed one man.

"There was a gentleman from Janesville that had a restraining order against contact with the victim and our detectives had contact with him and his attorney for a preliminary interview and that's all it was, an interview, he's not considered a suspect at this time," says Jacobs.

Police are still searching for McGuire’s purse that was missing from Edward Jones.

"We don't believe it's within a block of two of the business. It might be in other areas...maybe along the Turtle Creek floodplain, or in the area of the Rock River, possibly along the major highways that come in and out of Beloit," says Jacobs.

Neighbors say the mother of three always had a smile on her face and loved to work in her yard.
Now a family is left struggling with tragedy and waiting for answers.

Again, police are still looking for the victim’s purse. It's a black, envelope style bag with silver ring washers at the shoulder strap and on the zipper pull. The purse may be near Turtle Creek, the Rock River or by a major highway going through Beloit.