"Baby Boom"

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Good things often come in threes, and that's the case for four area families who all welcomed triplets into the world this week.

Finding an empty crib in Rockford Memorial's nursery could be a challenge this week, as four mothers delivered triplets at the hospital. But hospital officials say they're prepared for the situation.

"If the babies are born early which is often the case with triplets or above, then we have the nursery support which can handle pretty much anything that comes down the road," said Dr. Howard Kaufman, Rockford Memorial Hospital.

The baby boom began on March 2 with the birth of the first set of triplets to Angie Carter, followed by triplet deliveries on March 7, 8 and 9. Bringing three times the joy to the expecting mommies and daddies who shared their stories at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

"When I went into labor I was in shock. I didn't know what to feel," said Jenny Slowinski, new mother of triplets.

Multiple births are rare are there are often complications, but the mothers provided support for each other and helping to delay the births so the babies are healthier at delivery time.

"They actually gave me encouragement to go beyond what I thought I was going to go. They were like an inspiration to me. Like if they can do it I can too," Slowinski said.

Among the newborns are five girls and seven boys. All are healthy and parents are ready for parenthood times three.