Someone To Watch Over The Commission

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Mayor Morrissey expressed his disappointment in the fact that the commission decided to rescind their offer to David Purdy. Purdy's background check did not come back in his favor. Alderman Lenny Jacobsen suggested that maybe one or two aldermen should sit on the commission. This was an idea was first brought up by the Association of Firefighters of Illinois right after Mayor Morrissey appointed new members to the commission.

EJ Dilonardo, President of Association of Firefighters of Illinois says, "I think it could help the board maybe we wouldn't be in this position right now. I think it's a good thing not that they would have any input as far as board decisions but maybe just ask some good questions."

The only possible problem, state law and local ordinances limit how much an alderman or the mayor can be involved in a board such as the Police and Fire Commission.