Affordable Care Act Deadline Extended

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The website has about one million visitors a day and now a new deadline to sign up for insurance could prevent a last minute rush that could crash the site.

Americans rushing to sign up for health insurance before the March 31st deadline now have a few extra weeks. The Obama administration is allowing more time for those who start the enrollment process by Monday, but are unable to finish it by that date.

A counselor helped army veteran Floyd Prunty Jr. sign up for ObamaCare.

"You need people with expertise, you need people to be able to explain these things to you, the pros and cons," said Prunty Jr.

Williams-Manny Horizon Group has helped about 600 people sign up for health insurance. Marketing Director Tracey Fults says figuring it out alone can be tricky.

"I had a phone call this morning from a young lady who's been struggling with this and said 'I need to come talk to somebody.' So just the ability to sit down with somebody and ask your questions and get answers face to face," said Fults.

Prunty Jr. believes extending the deadline will help the uninsured sort out the Affordable Care Act.

"Pushing it back allows people to get the help that I received. It allows people to get a better understanding, and you can't get the understanding unless you have the time to get it."

The new deadline to get healthcare coverage is mid-April, although a specific date has not yet been announced.

To schedule an appointment with Williams-Manny to sign up for health coverage, call 815-398-6800.

For more information and local contact numbers on the Affordable Care Act, click on the related link.

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