Donations Sent to Iraq

Stuffed animals and sports equipment for children, personal hygiene products and food for soldiers: bag after bag box after box all donated to put smiles on often weary faces.

Every toy will be a small thank you from our soldiers to the Iraqi children. The children help American forces in several different ways including searching for improvised explosive devices. It was this information that was given to Patti Puckett from her son Brandon that inspired her. She came to her employer Gambino Reality. Between several hundred dollars donated and help from the Edgebrook Postal Shop forty to fifty boxes of goodies will be sent overseas.

Whether the toy came from a private donation, a Gambino realtor, or the back of someone's closet, it doesn't make a difference. What does is that the soldiers in Iraq are doing their job to the best of their ability, and the folks at home are doing what they can to make that job easier.