Energy From Ethanol Byproducts

The process of making ethanol out of corn produces two main byproducts carbon dioxide and distiller’s grains. In the next five to seven years ethanol production in the United States is projected to double. That will create a surplus of distiller’s grains. The grains are highly nutritious livestock feed, but there may be more uses for the grains as well.

Both distiller’s grains and left over corn stalks are considered to be biomass: Organic material that could be used as a reusable source of energy. The Ag Tech management team based out of Belvedere has recently been approved for a twenty thousand dollar grant from the state. The money will be used to conduct a study on how well biomass could be used for energy savings. The study goes hand in hand with Ag Tech’s overall goal to increase demand for agricultural products.

The study will be done over the course of one year. At the end of that year Ag Tech hopes to know what it will take to turn an unused byproduct into money saving energy.