Minuteman Project in Rockford

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In Arizona and Texas minutemen watch over the border with Mexico. They alert authorities when immigrants try to cross over into the United States illegally. In Illinois the group keeps an eye on employers that hire illegal aliens instead of American citizens.

"We have 14 million underemployed Americans. We need to put our fellow citizens to work. Many are legal immigrants. We're protecting the American dream," says Rosanna Pulido.

Rosanna Pulido is recruiting minutemen in Rockford. Their top priority is to help authorities enforce immigration laws.

"It's important for all of us because we're a country at war and we need to know who's in this country," says Pulido.

The executive director of Rockford urban ministries says we should approach illegal immigrants more like many of the churches in our area. He says we should welcome those in need with open arms.

"There are a lot of church members who have assisted immigrants- legal or not- the churches are open to helping the stranger among us," says Stanley Campbell.

Many left wing thinkers disagree with the mission of the minutemen. They argue that both legal and illegal immigrants contribute to our economy.

"If all of the sudden all immigrants were asked to leave what would happen? Who would clean our toilets, who would pick our food? It would be a catastrophe," says Campbell.

But members of the minuteman project say immigrants who want these jobs will have to wait for the okay from the government.

Those interested in the minuteman project will meet at O’Neil’s on East State Street this Sunday at two o'clock.