No funding for residential road projects?

Now that Rockford voters have rejected the sales tax referendum, road projects will have just two sources of funding. The vehicle sticker fee will add 1.5 million dollars. The rest will be pumped out of taxes at gas stations.

"This year we have no alternative funding so we have to rely on motor fuel taxes which are $4.4 million," says Alderman Jeff Holt.

The motor fuel tax won't provide enough funding for all of Rockford’s street projects planned for this year.

"I don't believe there's going to be any money at all for residential resurfacing or reconstruction," says Alderman Dan Conness.

But aldermen hope there will still be enough money for some road projects that have been years in the making. The city needs to come up with two million dollars to cash in on federal funds for one of the most noticeable needs ...resurfacing Harrison Avenue.

"There's $7-8 million of federal dollars on the table for this project and we certainly don't want to lose it," says Conness.

Now our aldermen will have to find alternative funding to keep traffic flowing smoothly on city streets.

"I think the message is that the community cannot afford more taxes and council needs to figure out what their priorities are for the city and what services we should provide while lowering the tax burden," says Holt.

City council will be open to suggestions at their next meeting on Monday.