Which Direction Should Rockford Go?

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Monday night, the City of Rockford's Planning and Development Committee began discussing city boundary lines. Right now the City's Western boundary line is not quite to Meridian Road. But a resolution on the table would change just who would be considered a Rockford resident.

Alderman Victory Bell is proposing that the City pursue aggressive zoning efforts that would make Weldon Road the City's Western boundary. Bell says West is really the only direction the city can grow without bumping into other villages or cities. It's too early to tell what impact the Lowe's Distribution Center will have on the Southwest side of the city but bell says it's sure to bring other businesses, shops, restaurants and people.

Alderman Bell says, "We have a large number of residential homes in the Weldon area. We have Hope 6 too. All of these things are making a major change in terms of Rockford, as it relates to rooftops."

The one concern with extending the Western line is sanitary mains. Bell says no mains means no growth and that isn't smart planning. Recommendations from the City of Rockford’s Planning department are expected in about 3 to 4 weeks.