The Final Sprint

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Republican candidate for governor, Judy Barr Topinka, made a final plea for support in Rockford Monday. Highland Community College political science instructor Jim Phillips says most polls show she'll win the primary contest.

"I think she'll probably win in the mid-30's somewhere, and Oberweis will come in second," says Phillips.

Phillips says if Topinka does indeed win the nomination she'll give Governor Blagojevich a good run because at this point, upwards of 30-percent of registered democrats are still undecided. And Phillips says Edwin Eisendrath could garner up to 20-percent of the primary votes, not a strong sign for the incumbent.

"You'll see a good protest vote take place, where a number of democrats will vote one way in the primary, and it will be up to Blagojevich to win these people back. And if Judy Barr Topinka is the candidate for the republicans, which I suspect she will be, I think it will be harder for Blagojevich to win some of those back," says Phillips.

Phillips says if it's a Blagojevich/Topinka race the Governor will have to admit mistakes and highlight his successes and Topinka will have to stress that she's fiscally conservative and socially moderate. The traits, Phillips says, that a majority of those living in Illinois support.