I-39 Rollover

A twisted wreck not only took the life of one truck driver, it also posed a significant threat to public safety. In Ogle county Monday morning a tanker full of over 85 hundred gallons of ethanol rolled off Interstate 39. With such a large amount of the flammable liquid nearby crews on hand weren't about to take any chances. Traffic was rerouted in both directions.

The tanker needed to be turned upright and completely drained in order to use cutting tools to remove the driver of the vehicle. David Foss of South Beloit was pronounced dead at the scene. If the valves to the heavily damaged tanker were unusable new holes would then have to be drilled, creating another fire hazard, and increasing the risk of explosion.

Despite the damage sustained in the rollover the ethanol was easily accessed, allowing for a much quicker clean up time, than the worst case scenario of 28 hours.

Foss had driven truck professionally for over fifteen years. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.