Gasoline Prices Going Up

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Gas prices have jumped significantly in the past couple of weeks, right now were paying around $3.55 a gallon here in the Stateline. That's dime higher than the national average and analysts believe prices are only going to go up.

Prices usually rise this time of year but analysts believe they will continue to increase. A recent spike in oil is one reason why. The other, gas supplies are down because this time of year a lot of refineries partially shutdown for maintenance, to get ready for the busy summer months. Patrick Dehaan Analyst at Gasbuddy.Com says it may be a while before drivers see some relief.

"Between now and April we're likely to tack on another 40 cents a gallon, in some areas it could be 30 in other areas it could be 50," DeHaan said.

Prices are expected to peak in May and then finally start to fall. But to look on the bright side prices are around 30-cents per gallon lower than this time last year.

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