Early Voting to End

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Pat Kloster is taking advantage of the early voting option...

"I was coming into town to get some things done personally, and I decided I'd go ahead and vote, that way I wouldn't have to do it on Thursday," says Kloster.

This is the first time voters in the state of Illinois have had the option to vote early. Unlike absentee voting, you don't have to give a reason for casting your ballot early.

"It's a wonderful thing. You don't have to worry about election day, you can come in and vote and not have to worry what's going to happen on election day that you might not be able to get to the polls," says Winnebago County Election Supervisor Margie Mullins.

Mullins says they haven't seen a dramatic number of people coming in early to vote.

"Our numbers are actually lower than they were four years ago when we were having just regular absentee voting, so it's either people aren't interested in the races going on, or I don't know what the reason would be," says Mullins.

Four hundred people have voted early or by absentee for this election, compare that to 800 absentee votes four years ago. But like most new things sometimes it just takes a while to catch on.

How has the turnout been in other counties?

Boone County says they haven't seen a big turnout at all for early voters. Stephenson County, however, says the number of people showing up has been growing each day. And Ogle County says almost 300 people chose "early voting."