ZBA Makes No Decision, Again

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They were back at it again and still no decision. It seems that there is never enough time to hear from both sides of the ethanol issue. The Winnebago County Zoning board of appeals heard testimony from ICE, or Informed Citizens Engaged for five hours. Wight Partners was then given a chance to present a rebuttal. The ZBA decided to continue the hearing on April 10th in order to deliberate. ZBA members say they need time to go over all the documents before deciding if the land will be changed from agricultural to heavy industrial.

A representative from ICE, Wendy Schneider testified that the history of the area at Meridian and Cunningham is residential development. Schneider says, “There has been over 50 years of steady residential development in the corridor. There are over 1,000 homes within a 2-mile radius of this site. 3 miles and 4, I can't count that's the City of Rockford and I think we should take that into consideration."

ICE provided testimony against the company responsible for the technology of the plant. Ice says the company has 10 lawsuits against them and has violated the clean air act. Again the next ZBA meeting is April 10th at 5 p.m. at Winnebago High School. No one will be able to provide any further testimony. This is just for the board to deliberate and then either decide to recommend or decline Wight's application for a zoning map amendment.