Bergner's Closing At Colonial Village Mall

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Last week we told you that Bergner’s was bought out by the Bon-Ton stores. Monday, Bon-Ton announces what locations will stay open and which will close. It's an announcement that wasn't really shocking to anyone. When Heartland Community Church bought Colonial Village Mall a year ago, Heartland knew Bergner’s had no intention of renewing its lease.

Bon-Ton store officials will close the 130,000 square foot facility in mid-May. The most upsetting part of this is that 100 associates will be out of a job if positions are not available at Bergner's stores at CherryVale or Machesney Park Mall. Bon-Ton will provide workers who don't get jobs with a severance package. Heartland Church is busy converting the space previously occupied by J.C. Penney. Once Bergner’ vacates the site will most likely be vacant for quite some time.

Pastor Gordy Smith says, "If we continue to grow they'll come a point that we will out grow space that we're going to occupy first in the mall. In between now and then we really don't have plans for it.."

Pastor Gordy says all the other little shops and retail spaces are currently occupied. Gordy says everyone is excited to see what extra traffic heartland community church will bring to those who lease space. Heartland plans to move to the Colonial Village Mall in November. As far as the closing of Bergner's, company spokesperson Mary Kerr says there will be no big closing sale most merchandise will be simply moved to other stores.

Here is a little background on this new name taking over Berger’s. Bon-Ton operates 272 stores in the Northeast, Midwest and Great Plains. York, Pennsylvania based Bon-Ton intends on keeping open the Bergner's store at CherryVale and Machesney Park Mall. Bon-Ton just took over the Bergner's stores last Monday.