Cleaning Up

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The Winnebago County Housing Authority received news Thursday that they will receive some much-needed money for a new housing development.

The Winnebago County housing authority announced Thursday that they will receive of more than $18-million in federal grants. The money was granted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The funds will go to help revitalize the aging champion park housing projects on Rockford's west side. The current apartments were built in 1967, and haven't seen much in the way of remodeling since that time.

Members of the housing authority say it's long overdue.

"Residents played a key roll in getting the grant and say they just want a better way of life," said Sarah Moyado, Executive Director Housing Authority.

"The new development will showcase new homes with garages and landscaping. And the developments architects say the new residents have a sense of ownership," said Carlatta Thompson, President Residents Council.

The funds will also help leverage and additional $58-million in public and private funds to help the development.