Now Hiring

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Right now the Rockford Police department is short staffed. About 18 people are needed to protect and serve. The Police and Fire Commission have narrowed down a list of officer candidates from 700 to 79. Winnebago County Sheriff's department is also looking at future needs. About a half dozen jail guards will be hired monthly. When the jail opens in 2007, 82 new hires will be the extra staff needed to run the facility. For more information about how to apply contact the Human Resource department at 987-3034.

The Rockford Park District Police department hosted a job fair. Each year the park district has about 500 events and part-time workers are needed to help control traffic and the crowds.
Applications are still being accepted at the Downtown Office of the Rockford Park District. You must be at least 16 years old to apply and have a clean criminal history.