Rockford Police Chief Background Check

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Rockford's board of fire and police commission will get an update on the background investigation of David Purdy on Monday. They will see a full criminal history on the man picked to lead Rockford's police force on March 22nd. The final report will also include reviews from past employers.

Some Rockford residents think the commission should have looked at this information before narrowing down the candidates.

"Personally if I'm looking for potential candidates I want to look at their background and what they've done in their past before I start looking or even consider them for that type of position," says Roberto Cardenas.

The secretary of the board of fire and police commissioners says they planned on this process since the beginning of their search. He doesn't think the announcement of Purdy's appointment was made too early.

"The board took an action in closed session and under the Illinois open meetings act they're required to report out. So they were merely following the law," says Sam Castree.

Purdy still has to get clearance on his background checks and there's no guarantee he will take office in Rockford.

"The offer of appointment to Mr. Purdy has always been contingent on the results of a background investigation," says Castree.

The background check will likely include some unfavorable reviews from Purdy's former co-workers.

"The fact that maybe he upset some people in prior departments... I don't know that that's surprising as someone who's brought into many of these departments to institute community policing measures," says Castree.

The board will make their final decision soon after their review on March 22nd.