New School Board Vision

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It was a night to look back at where the school board has come but not without taking care of some unfinished financial concerns.

Before the new members took on their new role, the former board took another look at whether or not they would try for a Tax Anticipation Withdrawl.

The other option is to move $30 million from the working cash fund to the education fund. Currently there is about $47 million in that fund.

In February, the board decided against the move, but Tuesday night the board re-voted and the motion to move the money passed unanimously. This will help ease some of the districts financial burdens including not being able to make April's payroll. After that, it was a bittersweet good-bye as it was time for old school board members to turn over their seats.

The new school board members are Alice Saudargas, David Kelley, and Carol Hammond.

One of the final actions before the new board adjourned Tuesday night was to appoint new officers. The new board president is Nancy Kalchbrenner, vice president is Jay Nellis, and secretary is Alice Saudargas.