Edwin Eisendrath

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A Democratic candidate for Illinois governor has a lot of the same criticisms for Rod Blagojevich as his Republican candidates.

Edwin Eisendrath made a campaign stop at Old Chicago in Rockford today. He wants to stop corruption and restore honor and integrity in the state house.

Eisendrath thinks he has a good shot at winning the primary. "The current governor is under multiple federal and state investigations. He's promised us everything for four years and he's kept so few of the promises. We need to make some changes."

Blagojevich's approval rating in Illinois has been hovering around 40 percent for the past few months. Some polls found that about 55 percent of voters disapprove of the job he's doing as governor. The rest are unsure.

Recent surveys found Judy Barr Topinka has a slight lead over Blagojevich in the polls. A recent poll conducted by Rasmussen reports found Topinka had 36 percent of the vote, while Blagojevich had 42 percent.

Edwin Eisendrath says he'll focus on education if he's elected. "We can't keep relying on property taxes to pay for schools. It's driving business to Iowa and Indiana. Illinois is 35th in economic growth. We shouldn't be at the bottom of the heap we should be on top."