Residents, City Battle First Significant Snowfall

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Rockford residents spent much of the day digging out from the stateline's biggest storm of this year, as much as eight inches of snow fell across the area overnight.

The whir of snowblowers and scrap of shovels filled the air in Rockford Wednesday as residents work to clean sidewalks and dig out vehicles.

"The plows keep throwing it back on the sidewalk. It looks dry but it's actually really heavy," said Bonnie Morales.

City crews worked through the night and into the morning plowing and salting roadways.

This is the first storm that city crews actually had to drop their plows for and while the snow cleaned up pretty quickly it wasn't easy.

"In the short period of time that the snow fell. And with the freezing temperatures and blowing winds, it made it difficult," Bill Morr, City of Rockford.

Reports predicted a bigger storm and more accumulation for the stateline, but residents who are ready for spring say this is was plenty.

"I'm glad it wasn't more. This was enough," Morales said.