State Of The City

Seven times Mayor Morrissey said the words "Rockford is rising" and though his message was a positive one he certainly didn't avoid addressing specific topics where the city has fallen behind and needs improvement

In his first state of the city speech Mayor Morrissey focused on issues with as wide of scope as Rockford’s competitiveness in the global market. He also sited examples of success as specific as a family’s ability to look to Rockford for help, after the devastation in New Orleans. But no matter what issue Rockford’s mayor was pushing Wednesday night he always stressed that no one person or group could do it alone. He said the whole city must come together.

One topic which has made headlines in the last year, but was all but left out of the mayor’s speech, was the ever controversial home rule debate.

Mayor Morrissey also announced the city's director of education and lifelong learning. Adam Smith formerly of Rock Valley College will be taking this newly-created position in the mayor's office.