New Subdivision on Rockford's West Side

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Mary Allen moved into her dream home two years ago.

"It wasn't something that was just built, and they said, here it is and you move into it. But we had an opportunity to put our dream into this home, and all of us did, so that's what makes it so important to us," says Allen.

And very shortly, dozens more dreams will come true, as 41 new homes are built across the street from Allen. It's the second phase of Rockford developer Oliver Emerson's three-phase subdivision.

"The homes consist of ranches, tri-levels, two stories, and they're going to be ranging from $108,000 to $130,000," says Emerson.

Sewer and water is in, and construction should begin in the next two to three weeks. Emerson says the city of Rockford has been committed to the project. It provided $2 million for this phase and $1.6 million for phase one."

"We couldn't have done it without the city. The city created a TIF district, gave us home fund dollars, paid for roads and land and infrastructure. So it was a partnership with the city that made this happen," says Emerson.

Emerson says for years the west side was overlooked, but, new homes, new businesses, and of course, the Lowe's distribution center being built a mile down the road, are the building blocks for a vibrant westside.

"My focus is the west side. Hopefully, we can do retail, grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, medical center, everything a vibrant neighborhood needs," says Emerson.
"I'm not going to be surprised when I hear there's a bank coming out here, looking forward to that," says Allen.

The subdivision is located off School Street. Emerson says four of the 41 homes have already been sold, this phase of the project will cost around $7 million, the first phase cost around $3.5 million.