Military Police Unit Heads Out

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In December, the 333rd Military Police Unit from Freeport thought their time with family and friends was limited. With so many other units being called up their move was delayed. Now the orders are in and it's time to say good-bye. The unit is expected to report for active duty for a year to help with Operation Enduring Freedom.

One hundred-eighty men and women in the 333rd Military Police Unit stand strong with family and friends crowding around them. This is the first time for many that their loved one will be gone for a lengthy amount of time.

Though it's not easy to say good-bye to their families, these soldiers say they're ready to join their new family in America's fight for freedom. Captain Ron Bonesz says the soldiers are motivated and they've trained hard in areas like biological warfare.

The unit will head to Fort McCoy Wisconsin for about a month and then get orders for their mission oversees.

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