Hotel Standoff

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A Rockford man is in custody after a standoff at a Rockford hotel.

Rockford resident Dan Sales is in custody Tuesday evening after hours of negotiations with police. While the situation ends peacefully it created major headaches for local business owners and residents.

Police arrived on the scene around 10 o’clock Tuesday morning, after a woman came into the Ramada Inn lobby, naked and battered. She was taken to the hospital, but her boyfriend was holed up in a room on the third floor. He was reportedly drunk and under the influence of drugs.

"We had an individual held up in his room and wouldn't come out. He indicated he had a weapon. A handgun," said Chief Steven Pugh, Rockford Police Dept.

Swat teams tackled the hotel from all angles, with dogs and ropes. The third floor of the hotel was closed and streets shut down.

"This was an individual that has been here for three or four days paying right along. Never caused any problems until today," said Don West, General Manager Ramada Inn.

The suspect demanded that he talk to his girlfriend. Police agreed and say that was the turning point in getting a peaceful surrender.

"Really it's to his best interest to just come out and there's nothing that can't be worked out. He's going to have to face whatever charges are appropriate but in the long run things will work out for him. We just wanted to assure him he'd be safe,” said Chief Dominic Iasparro, Rockford Police Dept.

Sales, who police say is about 48-years-old, was taken into custody at the rear entrance of the building. Police did not find a weapon in his possession or in his room. Charges are pending.