End Is Near For Racketeering Case

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The new phases is a four-day war of words designed to win over jurors. As much as 22 hours of closing arguments are set to start tomorrow (Monday) morning and go through Thursday, with Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer saving Friday for instructions to the jury. Once the jurors are instructed, they will retire to try to reach a verdict. Prosecutors are due to lead off the closing arguments. They have five hours tomorrow to sum up five months of testimony from scores of witnesses. Ryan's defense counsel takes over on Tuesday and has seven hours to tell Ryan's side of the story. The defense counsel for Ryan's co-defendant, Larry Warner is due to address the jury on Wednesday, and the federal prosecutor who led the investigation will deliver his rebuttal on Thursday. Ryan and Warner are charged in a federal indictment with racketeering, mail fraud and other offenses. They say nothing they did was illegal.