Troops Deploy, Leave Loved Ones to Cope

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This week the 333rd Military Police will take off to train for their part in the possible war and families will have to learn how to handle the departure.

The state mandated Family Readiness Group is gearing up for their first meeting to inform Freeport families about a support group that is now available to them. Members of the 333rd Military Police have been hard at work each day preparing for a possible war. While troops put on their gas masks families get ready in their own way. Sue Warneke knows first hand the benefits of family support groups.

They both have children in the 333rd but met each other in a group similar to the family readiness group formed now. Sue says that she realizes some families may not cope with their loved ones absence as well as others which is why they formed this group.

Those starting the group have had the experience of children being deployed during 9-11 and though it's never easy she says it helps her to know that she's helping others through this difficult time.

The group will hold their informational meeting outlining their mission on Saturday, March 15 at the Armory in Freeport. All are welcome to attend.

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