Machesney Park Shooting

A shooting Thursday morning in Machesney Park wasn't just a close call for surviving victim. A stray bullet missed its intended target, and made its way to a neighboring house.

It happened early Thursday morning in the 8100 block of Cadet Road in Machesney Park. Brad Gustafson was lying on his couch around 3 a.m. when he heard a strange noise outside, and his dog became aggravated. By the time he got up and looked out the window, all he saw was two vehicles speed off.

A few minutes later his neighborhood was swarming with police. While talking with Gustafson a police officer noticed a hole in the siding of the house near the living room window. The bullet was found in the mulch nearby. If the bullet had been as little as two feet higher and to the left Gustafson could have easily been hit. His first thought was to wonder whether or not his house was the target.

The man who was shot Beau Hendriex was treated for non life threatening wounds. His acquaintance, the alleged shooter, Johnnie Harrison has a warrant out for his arrest for aggravated battery with a firearm and aggravated discharge of a firearm. He has not yet been picked up.