Company Cuts Down Workforce

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Textron Fastening Systems announces 250 jobs are being moved to Decorah, Iowa by the end of the year. This is the second of the company's five facilities in Rockford expected to close.

David Donald the Director of Operations in Rockford says the decision was difficult but there is a need to consolidate. Currently Textron employs about 1,800 people in Rockford.

Textron says the move is just a trend of these poor economic times. Robert Levin with the Council of 100 agrees. His job is to work with investors looking to develop business in the area and says this should be no refection of what Rockford has to offer.

Textron is one of the oldest manufacturing businesses in the area with 10 percent of its global employee base in Rockford. These employees will be the first considered for the 150 jobs available in Decorah, Iowa. But with two facilities closing in Rockford putting over 300 out of a job workers worry that there won't be enough openings for everyone.