Ending The Trash Talk

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For the last eight months Rockford City aldermen have been going back and forth on ways to clean-up the city. Both Aldermen and concerned residents were tired of some areas of town looking so trashy. With a good gust of wind, one resident’s trash just spreads. So when it's legal to put out garbage has become an issue that has had many raising quite a stink. But in 30 days, that will change when a new Garbage Ordinance goes into effect. This is the situation concerning aldermen. Trash day isn't until Thursday but in one Rockford neighborhood, a resident starts putting bags out on the curb the Friday before. The ordinance states that garbage can not be on the curb any earlier than three p.m. the day before pick-up. Under the ordinance, if you are caught you'll first get a written warning then fines follow. For those renting, occupants get fined first, if that's not paid in 30 days then the owner can go after the tenant. If the landlord decides to evict the tenant the city will waive any fees already accrued.

Alderman Carl Wasco says, "We are cleaning up the streets. I just want it to be fair. It's bad enough we have people who are losing money now we shouldn't pile it on saying okay even though you're evicting him we'll still charge you the fine."

Alderman Bill Timm states, “We have to go after somebody this is not a collection company. The idea really was not to see how much money we can collect in fines the idea is to clean the city of Rockford up."

It could cost you as much as $300 if you are caught violating the ordinance. If a special garbage pick-up is required a resident could owe as much as $750.