Rescue Teams Respond to Gut-Wrenching Weekend Fatal Car Accident

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At any given moment, our area rescue units are thrown into life and death rescues. But these workers are also human, and even the most experienced can't easily shake the most difficult of sights. This was especially true Saturday after a gut-wrenching fatal accident, an accident which Sunday, brought these workers together.

It was a fatal two-car accident that rescue workers say was one of the worst they'd ever seen, so tragic, that hours later these people were still coming to terms, and needed to talk things out.

The fatal accident happened Saturday morning on Illinois 251 just south of Mowers Road in Stillman Valley. Authorities say Rodrigo Duran hit another car head on. That vehicle was carrying a family - Jeffery and Sheri Cole, and their two daughters - Grace and Allison. Four of the five died at the scene. Allison is recovering at a Madison Hospital.

In wake of the accident, the rescue teams involved met for two hours in a debriefing. Firefighters, police and EMTs laid out their feelings, shed tears and tried to move forward. Rick Mott of the Lynn-Scott-Rock Fire Protection District said the debriefing helped ease the emotional pain. However, Mott says this devastating car accident won't be forgotten anytime soon.

"It tends to hit you more afterwards. Everyone at the scene was acting like they should act, you don't think about it at the time. It's after the fact when you're alone, that everything seems to hit you a little more," Lynn-Scott-Rock Fire Protection Assistant District Chief Rick Mott said.

Mott says at its peak, there were 40 different rescue workers at Saturday’s crash scene. The workers ranged from one year to 35 years of experience. Authorities say such de-briefings after a fatal accident happen only about once every two years in Ogle County.