New Rockford Police Chief

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Rockford's Police Department is going from Pugh to Purdy, that's from Chief Steve Pugh to Chief Dave Purdy.

Purdy has been in law enforcement for 35 years.

Friday the announcement was not only about a changing of the guard, but also about the way the police department will work. All through the search the committee emphasized the need to have a leader who could implement a new community policing program. And Purdy has that. As police chief in Auburn Washington, he implemented a community wide program empowering residents and the community. Now Purdy has the tough job of coming in as an outsider and changing the department. Interim Police Chief Dominic Iasparro offers this advice.

"This is a people's business. We deal with citizens at their best and at their worst. But the most important element are these men and women here. You can't lose sight that this is the heart and soul of what's done on a daily basis are the people you see in this room who are on the streets 24 hours a day."

Purdy is expected to take control of the department in late March early April.