Graffiti Spreading

It's the 9th time in a month and the, Brooke Road Grille, has been spray painted. In fact, on Wednesday, the city once again painted over the vandalism. Friday morning, the owner arrived at work to find this more graffiti.

Rockford building maintenance supervisor Jerry Aherns says there's been a large influx of gang graffiti during the past 3 months on Brooke road. Businesses and homes on Kishwaukee and 11th are also being spar painted.

Aherns says every time he gets a call on the graffiti hotline, he goes out and takes pictures. Then a crew heads out to paint over the graffiti. But he says recently, it seems like every time they repaint, the next day, the gang symbols are back.

Rockford police deputy Chief Greg Lindmark says the department is actively investigating the situation, and working to apprehend the individuals responsible.