Economic Growth in Rockford

Rockford's Far East side is bustling as new businesses pop up everywhere. But what about economic growth elsewhere in the Forest city? The division of east and west is still evident but several small businesses have taken root on West State and Auburn recently. Not too long ago there were no major retailer for the city’s west-siders. The Owen Center Wal-Mart has filled that void and done much more. Since the store opened, strip malls, restaurants and new business have been added to the once strictly residential landscape.

In recent years Rockford’s downtown has become the focus of the city government and now local business owners are teaming up as well. Local businesses and restaurants team up by promoting each other. Since they have combined their efforts business owners have seen an increased number of people coming through the door.

More people means more tax revenue, and more money to be made for local businesses owners. More money draws more fledgling businesses which lead to more people, and the snowball affect is in full force in Rockford.