More Job Cuts

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The Rockford Housing Authority has some tough times ahead. Federal funds have decreased significantly and the housing authority now says its only option may be job cuts.

Several union members from the Housing Authority met with upper management Wednesday. Some of those members say the situation is not looking good.

The Rockford Housing Authority normally receives $650,000 a month from the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, but tough economic times have forced HUDD to reduce that funding by $500,000 a month. 23 News has learned that these are some of the options the Rockford Housing Authority is considering: Workweeks shortened to four days, job cuts and wage freezes.

The Director of the Authority, Louis Jordan, confirms that he is in talks with his employees right now and that cuts may be the only option. He says he is trying to make the best decision for his employees while continuing to maintain service.

Jobs such as janitors and maintenance workers throughout Rockford's housing projects could be affected.

Decisions could be made as early as Thursday. A commissioner's meeting has already been scheduled, but Jordan says this is just the beginning of some long, tough, talks.