Machesney Park & Loves Park Growth

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Several developers are building up two connecting routes between Machesney Park and Loves Park. 173 is the preferred site for a lot of new development. But on North 2nd Street business owners are tearing down old abandoned buildings and constructing new ones.

O'Reilly Auto Parts is one of several new stores popping up on North Second Street. Machesney Park village president Linda Vaughn says seven new subdivisions are complimenting these new businesses.

"The more rooftops the more incentive for businesses to check us out and locate here," says Machesney Park Village President Linda Vaughn.

One of the biggest areas of growth in Machesney Park is around the extension of Perryville Road up to Roscoe. It will be completed this summer.

"We're trying to give residents good driving surfaces fast access to businesses to and from home. We have experienced sudden growth on the corridor and at times there's gridlock," says Vaughn.

In Loves Park, developers are looking a little further southeast near Paulson Road and Riverside Boulevard.

"Very shortly we anticipate a big announcement...residential, commercial, office space that will encompass several hundred acres east of I-90. We're very excited about it," says Dan Jacobson, director of economic development in Loves Park.

Loves park planners are also trying to balance commercial growth and residential development.

"We've had phenomenal residential growth here over the past few decades. We obviously have to provide services to accommodate the growth," says Jacobson.