Hamilton Sundstrand 100 years celebration

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Employees play a central role in Hamilton Sundstrand's 100 year celebration. One Rockford family being featured has 250 years of experience between the generations.

The family tradition is ending for Gloria Ford. Her father and grandfather both worked at Sundstrand. Since United Technologies took over Ford and hundreds of other workers have gotten the pink slip.

Part of the plant on Eleventh Street will shut down next year. About 160 jobs will be sent overseas. Ford and her son, Thomas wanted their family's history recognized at Saturday's celebration at Midway Village. Thomas says Sundstrand needs to reward employees for their years of hard work.

"Now that my mom's losing her job and so is my father it's just...what are we going to do? Are we going to start saving up money for bills? Can we afford food? It just keeps adding on," said Thomas.

Thomas and his mother both have pride in their family history at Hamilton Sundstrand. The hope at Midway Village on Saturday was that the company will stay in Rockford for another century.