A Marine Honored

Corporal Osvaldo Rodriguez spent six years in the Marines. After four months of combat Rodriquez was injured on an enemy patrol ambush. Friday night the retired marine was met by a standing ovation from his hometown.

During half-time of a charity basketball game, a packed gymnasium cheered on Corporal Rodriguez as he was presented with a purple heart and a key to the city of Rochelle. Rodriguez has been back in the states since April of last year.

While reflecting on his time spent helping a foreign country half way across the world, Rodriguez said, “It was combat so there is nothing good about it, but the people wanted us there, they didn’t want us to leave, so I know we made a difference.”

Rodriguez also noted that many men and women didn’t make it home. Though he is honored to be recognized by his community and the nation, he says the ones who didn’t make it back are the real heroes.