Lawsuit to Be Filed in Cooper Case

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A Chicago attorney is filing a lawsuit on behalf of the family of Donald Cooper who was shot and killed by a Rockford police officer earlier this month.

Robert Fioretti is filing a discovery lawsuit in Winnebago County on Tuesday. The lawsuit will seek documents from the Rockford Police Department and state attorney's office.

On February 5, Rockford police say 26-year-old Donald Cooper was harassing customers inside the Hilander on North Main and Riverside. Officer Richard Devlieger confronted Cooper across the street. Police say Cooper intimated that he had a weapon and got into a shooting stance. That's when the officer fired, he says in self defense, killing Cooper.

Fioretti says the information he receives through this discovery lawsuit could lead to a wrongful death or federal civil rights violation lawsuit.

At a news conference on Monday, Fioretti will also call for an independent third party investigation. Police Chief Dominic Iasparro says the department's investigation is ongoing and being reviewed by the state attorney's office.