Jane's Place In Rockford

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About a month ago the Burpee Museum asked community members and Stateline leaders to give their input on how Rockford's dinosaur should be displayed. At Paleofest many got a chance to see the progress being made to uncover Jane's fossil pieces.

Over the next two days a museum consulting firm is presenting various plans based on the input they gathered at the last public forum. They developed two different Jane exhibits based on ideas where science, theatre and interaction to come together.

Community leaders heard two different concepts on Jane's future. One is to build a Jane Discovery Center with a paleo dig and science zone. The second plan is more of an education and entertainment experience with a time machine and 3D show.

Although there are no concrete cost figures, the Burpee Museum has secured over one million dollars. Aside from these public meetings the consulting firm is meeting with various financial backers.

If you are interested in learning more or want to have input on what you would like to see in the Jane exhibit there is a community information session Tuesday night at the Burpee Museum.

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  • Jane is a member of the Tyrannosaurus family.

  • Dinosaur experts disagree about what Jane’s skull really is -- a juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex, or a completely different animal, a Nanotyrannus, or "Pygmy Tyrant."

  • She lived 65-67 million years ago during the late Cretaceous Period.

  • Jane was discovered in the Montana badlands.

  • Members of the expedition team had to remove five tons of earth 15 feet deep to get to the major parts of the skeleton.

  • There are about 35 whole or mostly whole Tyrannosaurid skeletons known in the world.

  • The only other skeletal remains found to date that resembles Jane dinosaur is a skull now residing in a museum in Cleveland, Ohio.

  • Jane now resides in the Burpee Museum of Natural History, located in Rockford, IL.

Source: http://www.burpee.org/ (The Burpee Museum of Natural History Web site) contributed to this report.