Drug Bust Sends Strong And Clear Message

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These confiscated drugs are proof - if you're selling or buying illegal narcotics, Freeport police are coming after you.

"We want the citizens to know that we hear their concerns, and we are doing what we can do to fight illegal drug activity in Freeport," Freeport Police Chief Jerry Whitmore said.

This week, months of undercover work between police and Stateline drug investigators led to a big reward - suspects. Nine people are in custody, and four more are at large - wanted for either unlawful delivery or possession of a controlled substance. These are more than just drug arrests; these suspects were collared within 1000 feet of a park, public housing or a church.

"There's children present, there's places of places of worship. We don't want it anywhere, but that does add an enhanced penalty to the crime too," Whitmore said.

One of drug bust arrests happened nearby Park Hills Evangelical Free Church. The youth pastor there is thankful authorities are aggressively weeding out drugs.

"It's troubling that this is happening all over Freeport and especially in our own neighborhood, but it's a good thing they are clamping down. They are going to eliminate peer pressure in the students lives," Nate Boerman said.

Freeport Police Chief Jerry Whitmore says investigators aren't done. Illegal narcotics and those who deal and use them are being targeted.

"We're making a good impact. We're going to continue doing it and we really want those who are seeking illegal drugs, that we are going after them," Whitmore said.