NCO Hiring 1,200 people in Rockford

NCO Group in Rockford is hiring 1,200 new employees to work in its call center. That's about 400 more people than originally expected. The vice president made the big announcement on Thursday.

NCO is outsourcing customer service for T-Mobile. Most of the new employees will handle incoming calls from customers.

NCO hired 300 employees that used to work in the call center for MCI. Now they're hiring 1,000 more customer service reps and about 200 people to work in management. The senior manager hopes they will be able to attract lots of qualified employees.

There's a job fair at the call center on Saturday from 10am-2pm. The call center is located at the corner of Springbrook and McFarland Roads in Rockford.

But before heading over to the job fair, watch this 23 News exclusive report on recent problems with the company. Click on the video link to watch the report.