UPDATE: Man Sentenced in Connection to Oregon Teen's Death

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OREGON (WIFR) – UPDATE: OGLE COUNTY (WIFR) -- The man who police say played a role in the death of a local high school senior will spend 3 years in jail for allegedly starting the fight that killed the teenage victim at an underage drinking party.

Ogle County State's Attorney Mike Rock says 33-year-old Justin Coltrain pled guilty to committing a hate crime when he attacked three black men at a party in Oregon in August of 2013. We're told Coltrain admitted to using racial slurs while choking one of the men.

18-year-old Jonathan Williams died during that fight. officers say he fell and hit his head on the ground after he was punched. Medical experts say Williams didn't receive medical attention fast enough, resulting in his death.

Nine people are being charged in connection with the death of an Oregon High School senior who died at an underage drinking party and now the Ogle County State’s Attorney says a racial dispute started the fight that took the teen’s life.

Two people are being charged with hate crimes, along with Battery, because State’s Attorney Mike Rock says several of the men started fighting two black teens that walked into the party causing the victim to get involved.

The Winnebago County Coroner says Jonathan Williams died from head trauma after falling onto the ground during a fight in August. Today, seven adults and minors are charged in connection with the party and fight. No one has been directly charged with causing Williams’ death, however four people are facing serious charges for not calling 9-1-1 after Williams was hurt. Rock says the teen’s death was preventable.

The case is being handled as a homicide, because it’s not considered accidental. Detectives say this is one of the most complex investigations they have ever handled. Police say multiple locations, the number of people involved and the different kind of charges filed, create many layers to the investigation.

UPDATE: The Ogle County State's Attorney has announced that 7 people and 2 juveniles are being charged after the August death of Oregon teen, Jonathan Williams.

They are:

Justin Coltrain: Hate Crime and Battery
Matthew Steder: Hate Crime (3 counts), Aggravated Battery, and Battery (2 counts)
Brian Galor: Delivery of Alcohol to a Minor
Maria Coleman: Reckless Conduct
Cody Munroe: Reckless Conduct
Cameron Clark: Reckless Conduct
Kylie Heck: Reckless Conduct

The two juveniles will also be brought to juvenile court.

Police say the charges stem from an underage drinking party held at an Oregon residence on August 10, 2013. We're told a fight ensued at the residence and spilled out into the neighborhood. Witnesses say Williams chased another person who struck him in self defense resulting in Williams striking his head. Williams was carried back into the residence where he remained for hours before receiving medical attention.

The Ogle County State’s Attorney’s Office and the Oregon Police Department have worked together and in consultation with the family of Mr. Williams in determining the charges supported by the investigation. "The death of a man so young is a tragedy", stated Ogle County State’s Attorney Mike Rock. "Jonathan’s death was preventable and the direct result of the actions of individuals at the party who started the fight, and other individuals who failed to get Mr. Williams medical attention that likely would have saved his life."

OREGON (WIFR) -- The Winnebago County Coroner’s Office says an Oregon teen's death after an underage drinking party was no accident, it was criminal.

Jon Williams’ mother tells 23 News the coroner's office ruled her son's death a homicide. The 18 year old died on August 11. Police say he likely died from a head injury sustained after he fell during a fight at a party. Police say they know who punched Williams.

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