Primary Voting Changes

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In less than two weeks we'll be able to vote for the March Primary. The math doesn't add up because we're allowed to vote early for the upcoming election in Illinois.

We don't have to have an absentee ballot to vote early. We just have to have your mind made up. Absentee voting still applies to people who are homebound or will be out of town. But early voting is new this year.

"I see in a couple years a lot more people might come early... Candidates are going to have to reflect that and are going to have to get out and reach people maybe..earlier than they're used to," says Margie Mullins, the Winnebago County Election Supervisor.

Both absentee and early voting start February 27. The primary election is scheduled for March 21.

Click on the video link to find out what other changes we can expect in the voting system this spring.