Rockford Police Wrestle Gun Away From Man: Find Two More in His Car

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A scary situation at a downtown county building this evening when police got into a fight with a man who they say was armed.

Rockford Police say that three men are in custody tonight after a skirmish between officers and a man who was sitting in a car carrying gun.

It all happened at the Winnebago County Health Department building on Division and South 1st Street at around 4:30pm. A woman in the parking lot told officers the man had pointed a gun at her. Police then approached his vehicle. It's not clear if the man pointed his gun at police but that's when officers starting fighting with the him. Many units responded as officers were able to get the weapon away from the suspect.

Two other men were also arrested at the scene and when police searched the suspects car they found two more guns.

Police say they are still searching for one more suspect.

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