What's Next For Rockford College?

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Their leader, Dr. Paul Pribbenow is leaving and no one knows what this means for the college.

Alumni Jason Leviskas says, "I know Dr. Pribbenow has brought a lot of energy and has invigorated the college. But with him gone that energy hopefully isn't going to not leave with him but that's a concern."

This week cabinet members will organize strengths and weaknesses of the college. An emergency meeting will take place Monday where the Board of Directors will determine the road ahead.

Charles Colman, Chairman of the Board of Trustees states, "That will lead to interim President that will be in office for a year while we put together the whole process for leadership."

Over the next couple of years a capital campaign was set to take place to raise money for structural improvements. Also 1st and 2nd year students might be required to live on campus where currently dormitories are only half full. Dr. Pibbenow says he didn't mean to duck out but becoming President of Augsberg College in Minneapolis is his chance to demonstrate his own sense of Christian vocation. Dr. Paul Pribbenow, current President of Rockford College tells 23 News, "It took this very distinctive, very rare opportunity for me to leave Rockford college and I leave with some mixed feelings."

But he's taking the best of Rockford College with him when he leaves this summer. If no one internally acts as interim President, that person will most likely come from a retired college President registry.